The Tsunami of Awakening

Declared by Timothy Sherman

Spring and fall of the year 2014


The Full Reward of the Lamb’s Sacrifice

The burning fire of the lamb’s sacrifice is beginning in the church in the next year. A deterioration of the moral fiber, recession, and corruption at high levels of government, as well as Church leadership in the church at large, all denominations, has revealed sadness of Godlessness. It has had a humbling affect for multitudes. Hearts and minds are shifting. God’s grace is coming upon them to turn them towards the Lord causing revival and harvest because multitudes are weeping in prayer. In 2015 conviction is beginning in great numbers and nothing will be hidden due to transparency in an open generation. Fearless confessions of multitudes on campus gatherings, in small groups, and relational conversations are beginning to reveal a new heart cry for morality and ethical relationships. This is happening due to deep conviction of Godly sorrow and the fear of the Lord. College campuses in California, New England, and other regions in the nations are having the visitations of the Lord with Godly sorrow unto repentance. This will continue to grow in readiness for the tsunami wave of harvest that is soon to come upon us suddenly. God has called His prophets to destroy natural fear and terror of man by revealing the awesomeness, the holiness, and the splendor of the fear of the Lord. Their voice will be heard where it’s been forbidden. He’s going to raise up some passionate, extreme and wild of heart students of Jesus. They will be fearless to declare the freedom in holiness. They will be bold as lions. This generation will fall madly in love with Jesus, the Son of the Living God and love purity and morality. They will declare, “He’s so beautiful, so powerful and jealous for you. I am forgiven. I am free from sexual slavery.”

The Glory Wave and a Harvest of Souls

In the encounter, an open vision, I stood over the earth above New England looking at the Atlantic Ocean, a very large tsunami wave arose, possibly a quarter of a mile high, I was dumbfounded and in awe. It was coming upon the Eastern shore of America. As I watched I felt the fear of the Lord surge through me. I didn’t know what it was. I felt an epiphany of the awe of God and at the same time had peace. As it got closer I noticed that it wasn’t water, it looked like rolling light. It was the glory of God. It swept across the coast like a tsunami, passing through everyone in the population. I saw multitudes of people across the Eastern United States; thousands were sitting, walking, and standing with their heads hanging down as in great despair, others looked up in prayer.  People were either in discouragement and discontent or they were in worship and expectation everywhere. Suddenly the tsunami swept through them, a change came over them; they gasped and looked up as light dawned on them everywhere. I could hear as the thoughts of the multitudes realized, “I need help so bad. Help! There is a God, God’s real, He knows I’m here,” they cried within. There was an awakening with a hunger to know God deep inside their hearts and consciences, and deep Godly sorrow for doing life the wrong way. I began to fly backwards over the nation in panoramic view watching the wave go across the Eastern part of the nation North to South. It spread through the Mid-West, the great prairies, into the Rocky Mountains, and into the Western United States covering the West coast. The multitudes were suddenly enlightened. Yearning to know God they were being made ready, awakened to the one true God. When it hit the Pacific coastline from the North to the South it went upward into the sky and stayed there like a great transparent, colorful wall. It turned into a wall like the aurora borealis that was solid and of vibrant heavenly colors; it enveloped the entirety of the West coast. It’s invisible but real and is the presence of awakening. This awakening is present due to fasting, praying, and deeds of love.  It will drop like a cloud burst. It is bringing a spiritual revolution and turning many to God like no other time in history. We must have awakening and revival, and He has promised it.

Holy Dissatisfaction

Many are very dissatisfied with the darkness, evil, and injustice of godlessness. We believe we will see 50- 60 million Americans turned to Jesus in a short period of time. This is a glory wave unparalleled in history. In the next coming year, there will be reports in the secular media networks of mysterious signs and wonders in nature and in the heavens. There will be notable miracles happening with many high profile and famous people and resurrections from the dead when all seemed lost. Suddenly, a harvest of souls, that’s what it will be. In the vision I saw this shimmering wall of love light, and I said, “Lord when will this happen?” and He answered, “It just did. They’re minds and hearts are being enlightened and made ready. The aurora borealis wall of love light is close to the time it will drop, it will happen soon. I let you see what I’m preparing in people’s hearts. The greatest awakening that has ever happened in the world is about to come, it won’t be the final one. It’s going to come in waves.”  The Lord said, “This wall on the West coast is protecting the nation from all kinds of evil plans of destruction from the enemies of America, and the enemies of my Bride, my praying saints, my passionate ones. It will protect my holy people of intimacy and intercession. This is due to the obedient prayers of the past generations of worship, praise, and prayer for this very vital, pivotal time.”

The Harvest Wall Falls

Suddenly, as I looked at the wall, I saw the future and beheld the wall of lights collapsed and turned back into a tsunami wave that swept back across the nation bringing revivals, souls, every kind of miracle. The glory of the Kingdom broke forth in governments, ghettos, and mansions everywhere, in every denomination and place where remnants of saints have stood their watch. There were places that rejected God, sheep nations and goat nations. The goat nations went into darkness and started running from the light, making they’re habitation in dark cities. Other cities turned gloriously brilliant bright light with God. I beheld all of these things begin to happen in an accelerated progression, both darkness and light, and the light was overcoming. The Lord said, “I would that none be lost, so much so that I sent my Son Jesus. But not every one is going to turn to the Son, not all will be saved by their own choice. My power will move into every town, city, and nation, and the souls of mankind will look up and call on the name of Jesus in mass. My great harvest and harvesters of compassion and power will supernaturally bring multitudes into my Kingdom of love. I am coming soon. I will come fully in my people of passion for me. Then I will come to them in all My glory. I will do a quick work and cut it short in righteousness.”