Northern California and Redding Prophecy

Spoken by Timothy Sherman

August & September 2014


Earthquake and Climate Shift

Prophetic words can be a bit controversial. If you look carefully at this word you will see that everything in it is redemptive in nature. In a vision the word of the Lord came to me revealing there’s an earthquake coming to the region of Northern California and will affect the Redding region. The shaking will be a sign in two ways, natural and spiritual. The Holy Spirit earthquake that will come out of Northern California will destroy the works of darkness. He’s going to change the natural geographical formation in the area. Springs of water will spring up as natural springs in many places. Some will be hot springs that many will bathe in. Creeks and rivers are going to start flowing through dry creek beds.  It’s going to bring water up out of the earth in the entire area, and things will turn beautiful and lush and green. It will happen around the Redding region. Beginning this year the drought is broken in Northern California so that there can be a flourishing of foliage and plant life. This will be a sign and a wonder for Northern California that will make it seem like a different state than Southern California.

Mount Shasta and the surrounding mountains will receive large quantities of moisture and snow. Shasta Lake and all the lakes in Northern California will fill up. The overflow of the rivers is going to bring water for Southern California. There are millions of people that love God, and there are many good people that don’t know Him. He’s hearing them cry out for Him in their despair. He loves them. God control’s the earth, and as we appropriate our faith and declarations we affect it also. These signs and wonders in the earth and in the heavens will cause multitudes to turn to Jesus. An outpouring of the Spirit for a great harvest of souls, greater than the Jesus movement, will begin and greatly increase in 2015. People are realizing they really need help, and God is what they need. A  new anointing on the church of America for evangelism is about to begin.

The State of Northern California

The economic control of Northern California is considered to be under the governmental power of Sacramento. In reality, it’s controlled from the Bay Area and the area of Los Angeles. The financial center is in the northern L.A. area. The financial cream is siphoned off of Northern California through Southern California and the Bay Area through taxes and political strongholds. Our capital, the seat of government, is thought to legally be Sacramento. Most of the governmental people don’t live there, but rather in the L.A. basin and San Francisco bay. Northern California is a completely different culture than Southern California, and are actually two different states in political mindsets and culture. Southern California and the Bay Area is of the Liberal persuasion. Northern California is more conservative. It always has been two different states, except Northern California is under the oppression and economy of the political persuasion working through Sacramento. Most of the liberal agenda comes out of the Bay Area and the Los Angeles Basin.

The Northern part of this state carries huge wealth, riches, phenomenal oil and gas exploration and reserves, precious metals and new and large discoveries of gold, certain types of farming, and new economy and clean industry that will develop like the Silicone Valley did.

There is a glory dome that’s over the entire area of Redding developing in the spirit realm. It will be over the whole region, and it is spreading out over Northern California. The whole of the state of Northern California will have a new economic center and governing base. It will be Redding, California. Redding, California is fast becoming a “Light City Northern California.” It will be an economic and commerce center, there will be a large population growth even an explosion and in surrounding areas also. Many businesses will move here, and many are being developed even now that will finance great growth, education, architectural advancement, and recreation. Redding will be like the land of Goshen where the Hebrews lived and prospered in Egypt. There are a lot of good people that want God. There are a lot of bad people that want God. We need to pray for those kinds of people to come. It’s going to be a spiritual revolution in the state of Northern California. It will become the governing seat because of the spiritual revolution “an awakening” as well as economic persuasion that will come into this area.

All the things mentioned will be a part of it, and the glory dome that will be over this region will spread out. Airplanes will fly through it; anybody that comes into this area will be influenced by the presence of God. It’s an invisible dome, but it can be seen by the spirit. When I stood on the mountain looking over the Redding region I beheld it. I leaned into the very strong wind blowing on my face and hearing the voice of God for two hours, and there were no trees blowing anywhere a hundred yards from me. Straight off of the lake the wind hit me in the face with the voice of God in it. For two hours He talked to me and showed me the vision of it and He said I want you to come here and declare and decree it. This part of the nation is going to become like the land of Goshen. It will be blessed like the land of Israel. Truly the lay of the land in many ways resembles Israel.

People from all over the world will start moving here, lots of them. There’s going to be a building boom here and housing tracks and beautiful types of apartments. There’s going to be complexes built down along the river and park walkways and beautiful malls that are going to be created so futuristic looking, not strange, but beautiful. The region is going to grow with much building going on. It’s going to be like Dubai going up over night. How rich and how great it’s going to be. The natural resources, the gold, other kinds of precious metals and things that aren’t even being used now, like a certain kind of clay that’s all white that’s found near here is going to be needed in industry. It’s going to be worth great sums and produce wealth. It’s His will for this whole area to become annexed by God as a completely different place with the hand of the Lord upon it for blessing, for total prosperity, for health zone, for amazing kingdom advancement and it is happening.

He said He’s going to raise up people here that are going to lay the foundations of it. What we’re doing here is so important and huge and amazing. We carry the living waters of life, and the fountains of life. It will be an international city. That’s why Bethel and the apostolic, prophetic foundation being built in their leadership team and the supernatural saints, an intimate army of intercession, going forth from it to the nations is a model in microcosm and a prophetic drama of what the Lord is saying. The glory of the covering dome began at Bethel many years ago when the people came together under the Johnson family leadership. All through the New Testament Pauline Epistles he states to the church of Corinth, the church of Philippi, the Church of Ephesus etc. to address the church in the city or region. He’s going to bring the church together in this region with the vision of the unity of leaders and the community of the churches. It’s time for the business community to not only pay tithes and offerings but to become the influencing factor in the church as it builds cities of the kingdom of God and not just individual churches going in different directions. Apostles and prophets are going to listen to business people: Josephs and Daniels, Solomons, and Esthers who will have apostolic and prophetic authority on them. It’s going to happen very fast in troubled times in the next ten to fifteen years it shall be constructed. God’s people are going to hasten the coming to the Lord in new and different ways in the Northern California region and many other parts of the world.