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Timothy Sherman

Timothy Sherman


Timothy’s burning passion is to see the church equipped in the revelation of Jesus & to see the fullness of Acts 2 manifest on the earth. He & his wife, Glenda Sherman, reside in reside in Coeur d’alene, Idaho where they have established Eagle’s Nest Prophetic Community.

When Timothy was a baby in his mother’s womb, AA Allen prophesied that he would preach like the apostles and prophets of old and that there would be souls, souls, and more souls through signs and wonders. As a boy, he would play in the sawdust of the tent revival meetings of the likes of William Branham, Oral Roberts, A.A. Alan, Jack Coe, and Kathryn Kuhlman throughout the ‘50s-‘60s.

In the early 80’s and 90’s, Timothy became a pioneer and catalyst for the prophetic awakening that swept the United States. Everywhere he went revival & healing broke out. Two of the most notable revivals included movements that swept Russia and Finland on a national scale.

Bob Jones, Timothy’s long time spiritual father, prophesied the beginning of Eagle’s Nest ministry where Timothy would establish training centers for the prophetic with the first one to be located in Spokane, WA (’92-‘97) and then throughout the U.S.

Over the past three decades, the Lord has used Timothy to bring reformation, direction and prophetic guidance to leaders in every sphere. He has ministered to churches, regions, and nations as led by the Spirit of the Lord. Also known as a father to the prophetic, he has mentored & commissioned many that are in full time ministry today as evangelists, prophets, pastors, and teachers.